Life Drawing

I went along to the life drawing class for the first years today with Tod. Thought I'd post up some drawings. It's been quite some years since I last did life drawing, it was interesting.

The second one is A2 in size, so I couldn't scan it.


tutorphil said...

Hey Jonny,

These are really nice - and I find it very pleasing that you're going to the life-drawing classes... I think you think I'm pissed at you - I'm not - I'm just keeping my distance a bit, because I want you to 'own' these difficult times of yours and I think, in truth, you've had all the advice you need; a few posts back, you were beginning to cook - I just want to see post after post of your drawn ideas - just keep them all coming and then we'll have something of a retrospective and a discussion about what's there, as opposed to what isn't.

Jon Stewart said...

Hi Phil, yes I did believe you to be a little annoyed at me. In truth I could have understood why if you had been. I have been a little... ermmm.. difficult. But it hasn't been intentional I can assure you.

Thanks for clearing that up though, that certainly makes me feel better.

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