So I spent today establishing what I know is definate about my characters looks.

-Snake hair of some sort.
-Human upper torso (for the most part) malnourished, skinny etc. She has been produced by a crazy scientist type dude, and so she will have stitches in parts of her body where she has been experimented on, pale skin etc.
-Lower body will be robotic of some sort. Whether her old legs are still there but not used and completely withered I do not know.
-A glare that can turn people to stone (I imagine that some where in this design you'd see see through pipes and things, and when she uses this stone glare fluids and such would pump into her spine and such.

Any way, I decided to start by trying to see if I could solve a problem with regard to how the snakes would work and look. Here is the process I took for this.

I really hope I am taking the right approach here, and through this I have worked out that a design like this could not work, as it does not offer enough mobility. So further research is needed.

I plan to now gather reference and begin drawing malnourished and skinny torsos in order to try and get an understanding of that. I am looking at an actor called Hanne Klimtoe in a film : "The Loss of Sexual Innocence" for this.

I have also begun drawing more 'broader' sketches of character ideas + composition ideas. I shall upload some more images soon.

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