Just a few things about Medusa I thought was relevent for my project.

-Beautiful maiden.
-"The jealous aspiration of many suitors"
-Priestess for Athenas temple.
-Layed with Poseidon, so Athena was mad and cursed her with serpent hair and a gaze that turns the viewer to stone.
-Purseus kills her with Hades' cap of invisibility, a sword, a mirrored shield and winged sandals.
-A gorgon 'terrifying female creature.'
-Because of their legendary gaze, images of gorgons were put on objects & buildings for protection.
-Gorgons are depicted as having wings of gold, boars tusks, and fangs and skin of a serpent.

I think that if I was to run with the concept of a scientist building a large robot Medusa in his lab then I would certainly use the notion of having Medusa images on walls and objects for protection in that piece. His lab could be full of scribblings and drawings of Medusa. A man obsessed.

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