Major Project - What am I doing?

I am going to work on a character for production, by applying a professional pipeline to the whole process.

I am currently seeking literature of some sort that can lend its self to a world to base my character in. This is important because in 'the real world', for example a studio, I would be given strict guidelines of the world my character needs to be based in. So the idea of seeking to transcribe a piece of text into a character is to simulate that real world basis. I want to make sure I get something that people are aware of already, but nothing too main stream. I also want to make sure it will be something I enjoy. I hope to have more to post about this soon.

I want to produce a solid, original character concept. With fully digital painted character sheets, the character model (high res for video game cinematic), fully textured, rigged, skinned, blendshapes and then a short animation that lends its self to the character. For example a character that is a skateboarder would be animated to skate, a very simple example, but an example none the less.

This project will be interesting I am sure. I can't wait to start delving into fast_skin a little more than I did in Kiiro Blade, and even more so cracking on with some animation is a very exciting thought right now. I also hope to add zbrush to my pipeline in order to produce something that is truly ' next level ' compared to what I have achieved so far.

Here are the characters I have produced thus far on this course :

Seela Nixx - Video game character 8,000 Polygons

Sir Henry Courtney - Video game character 8,000 Polygons

Claire Kiiro - High Res Animation Character - 28,000 Polygons

It is interesting to see the progress I have made. I once was proud of Seela and Henry, but now I simply don't like them. Even Claire has a lot of issues with her that I can't stand. So this project I hope to advance even more away from this stuff to produce something that is worthy of industry level.


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