Some environment renders

Here are a few renders of the environment I am working on currently.
The first one is from the first scene, wherein Ivonne is running toward a gate.

The next three are renders of the temple, and the detailed patch of land prior to it. You will notice that beyond this patch of detailed ground it isn't as detailed. This is because I have simply produced detail where the camera is looking. The only time you'll see the other land is on the establishing shot, and grass cards and paint FX grass and such will help there.Here is the gate which Ivonne and Claire jump over. Simply put, they have no time to stop and open the gate, so they jump it, good eh?
This is a test render for the purposes of the bridge in the background. The Fss skin shader here isn't set up right, we won't be touching that until the animation and environment is all in place and ready to go.
Working on the cliff edge and cliff textures, to make the transition between it and the grass work well :
Lots more to do, back to it :)


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