Modelling Efficiency

I have to say, I am becoming a lot more efficient with the modelling of assets and props. I have developed a work flow wherein I obtain the reference material, study it, understand what I need to make, and then I begin to make the object with a plan in mind. But also, I have begun to lay out uvs, group objects and rename groups in general, during the modelling phase.

It was decided that we should have some hanging lanterns in the temple, and from the point of us agreeing we should have them, it took me one hour to produce a fully textured lantern... Along with eating my dinner ;)

I'm going to show the lantern now, along with the facelift the temple has received so far today.

So once we agreed there would be a lantern, I grabbed some reference :

I studied it quickly, then set about modelling it.

Whilst I modelled the lantern, I laid out the Uvs of each object as I made them, and grouped and named grouped as I went along. My old work method was to model the whole object, then sort out the grouping, and then lay out the UVs. This was a long method, which often lead me to sitting there moaning and groaning about the boredom of UV's. This new method helps me to avoid that, the laying out UV's is ingrained in the modelling process and so it makes it much easier, and enjoyable.So now we have a lantern..
Also, the temple received a slight face lift today. It feels much better now..

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