Minor Update

Okay, update time.

From the start Pol and I have had this idea in mind. "Produce something that is visually exciting, with realistic characters." From the very start, since I approached Pol about possibly working together on this Minor Project, we knew what we wanted. We wanted two characters to interact, of which we would produce a character each. We built a story around that, storyboarded, and now we are onto producing the characters. I believed I had a fairly decent knowledge of the human anatomy, however I have soon discovered that I didn't know quite as much as I had hoped. I produced my model, and whilst some parts were working, other parts were not. Namely the torso, it was causing me a big headache. So I have decided that I will be reworking the topology of the torso, and resculpting. Whilst you won't see the majority of my characters torso when it has it's outfit on, myself and Pol believe it's very important that I get on top of anatomy and overcome those issues now regardless and so I shall be investing a little more time into this area, and catching Pol up later. So here are the results so far. It's a little messy, and I'm have a great deal of trouble getting the crotch area right. It's so difficult. But I'm sure I will manage to produce something as realistic as I expect from myself soon. I am just waiting for that moment where it all comes together and I instantly understand it better. Wish me luck! Here are some images.

As you can see, the breasts are a lot more realistic now. Bar the lack of nipples, which I won't be putting into this model as there's no need. The only thing that I am concerned with is getting the flow right and that it is anatomically correct.
Also here is a shot of the outfit so far. I had to screen cap it without the body because I've tweaked and pulled the body so much now that the outfit simply doesn't fit at the moment.

Thanks for reading!

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Pol Winandy said...

Love the floating eye balls, always a classic.

I don't wish you luck, I wish you further determination. Keep pushing your limitations.

- 'Liquify Pol' aka 'Lone Pandabear'

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