Character update

Character update, nearly there now.

Got to add /change
-Hot pants will become shorts.
-The arm sleeve thing is crap, will be replaced with a more authentic samurai type glove perhaps.
-Lower part of the robe (below the belt) might not be practical. Will review that.


tutorphil said...

Hi Jonny - checked in the office to see if you'd got your draft dissertation handed in okay - congratulations!

Jon Stewart said...

Hi Phil,

Yes I got in and handed it all in. I couldn't hang around for our meeting this afternoon though, as my sister was off school today sick and I needed to get home and make sure she was okay. So I apologise about that. Thanks for the email regarding hand in time though, most grateful :)

tutorphil said...

I think you and I have seen quite enough of each other these past few days... seriously though, I hope all is running smoothly and you're not working yourself into the grave - just yet!

Alan Postings said...

Hi Jonny,

Your character is starting to take shape now. It looks a lot better than it did before. Keep going.

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