~ Minor Project in full swing ~

So I went to visit Pol today in Maidstone, checked out his new place and got some... well, a lot as it happens, of work done. It was crazy, and laughable, there we were in Pols' hot flat, two PC's running. Both of which were rendering his Transcription project again, whilst outside all we could hear was music and shouting. Freshers week, lots of first years partying around the student halls making a lot of noise and getting extremely drunk. I simply said "Dude.. All this is going on around us, and we are sitting here in this hot room working our asses off..." Pol simply laughed, and we continued on with our discussions and fast drawings.

So there we were, developing our story... Visualising the story in a graph, trying to work out how it would 'flow'. Simply, we want our story to become more compelling and to take people to a higher plateau as it progresses. Our concept is so nice, but it's so hard for me to articulate into words. Basically, our whole concept behind it is that you have to keep perservering in life, be dedicated and eventually you shall make it. That life comes down often to one simple decision, 'give up, or continue.. be a loser or a winner' and that simple decision can often be a huge factor in the out come of anything beyond that point.

We have developed this concept into a story, however, I am not in a position to disclose said story yet, all I can say is it's going to be a good one... We will be called crazy, but we don't care. It's going to rock. I am like a little kid at Christmas right now. Regardless, there we were, working our asses off, scrapping ideas and scrutinizing each others ideas ruthelessly, and Paul looked up and said "I think we might actually be becoming professional with this... Here we are, developing a story, and using graphs and such to aid us in deciding if it's good enough. This is what it's about man." And it really is... It helps a lot, so much so that we are becoming faster and faster at moving away from cliché, rubbish ideas and moving to the decent stuff. Gone are the days of us poring over the 50th version of a script in the Narrative, and enter the days wherein we can push a project in a fraction of the time. I for one welcome it with open arms, I had a great day. Much greater than any of those crazy pissheads outside of The M Flat™.

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