~Transcription 8 - The Boat -Scaling issues~

So I'm working on the boat right now. I produced a lot of stuff, and it's starting to look nice. But there are scaling issues throughout, which I am becoming more aware of as I go through. Before I think of texturing it I must address these issues. Here is a render of the scene so far with a few of my character models in there to show where the scale is wrong.Over all my boat is too large compared to my character. What I shall do is rescale him larger, and alter scales of objects to suit.

Looking much better already.


tutorphil said...

Hey Jonny - don't let those 11th hour anxiety gremlins eat into your timetable or your confidences; that you're applying yourself and working hard is very clear; so remember this; on thursday, you'll need some showmanship and some pizazz too; give your presentation plenty of thought; think about the tone of your presentation; and a golden rule; do not preface your presentation with talk of all the things your project isn't; don't talk about the holes, the gaps; accentuate the positive, demonstrate your creativity and showcase your development; don't talk it down, talk it up - and remember that you're in charge of the audience's first impression of your work, and a good first impression goes a long way! Looking forward to it, Jonny! :-)

Jon Stewart said...

Thanks Phil, that helps a lot :)

I wonder if you might read the '~Problems, problems~' post please so that I might get your thoughts on it. Thanks :)

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