~Extra day~

The extra day is probably great news to some, however It would take much more then that for me to repair the rigs and produce the animations. However, this extra time gives me an oppurtunity to tidy up my drawings, and to fix some textures on my characters and produce the turn arounds and posed story board that I mentioned previously. Also I will have to set my project up on the CD in a different manner. Because I shant be presenting this one now, it will have to be left to the tutors. Which is a disappointment to me, I was really counting on giving a good presentation to help me with this one.


tutorphil said...

Hey - just make your presentation nice and linear - and don't forget your blog is already a very encompassing record of your progress; it's not as if your tutors have been a stranger to your creative development; just use the time to polish and prepare and create an easily navigated 'story' of your transcription project; don't be disheartened, be ready!

Jon Stewart said...

Roger that, I shall do!
Thanks :)

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