~Transcription 3 - Week 5 over~

So, week 5 is over and so ends the initial process of developing an idea. I'd be lying if I said that I had met this criteria, for I havn't. I began the project as previously stated with one idea, and I was very enthusiastic about it. That idea being transcribing the world from the Anime Series Full Metal Alchemist, however it was too visual already, and so I went on a hunt for some form of literature too transcribe.

I stumbled upon "Birds of Prey - Wilbur Smith" at around the end of week 2, and so began to read it. It's a book set in the 160o's and follows the adventure of a boy named Hal(Henry) Courtney and his father Sir Francis Courtney. They are privateers, working for England fighting against the Dutch. At the start of the book they approach a Dutch Galleon in which they capture. Though the boat is damaged during the capture, and so they stop in a concealed lagoon to do some repairs and empty out the ship. During some events they get captured by the Dutch, whom have a fort nearby, and the Dutch tell them that there was a peace treaty signed and so they are now pirates whom captured the Galleon illegally. Sir Francis shows his papers stating that he is an English Privateer and was unaware of such a peace signing as he was out at sea, and they burn the evidence of this. This leads them to being imprisoned slaves whom have to build a castle wall, however Francis is to be tortured untill he reveals his hidden treasures. He refuses to divulge said information, and so he is hung in the town square for all too see.. even his son Hal. Hal at this point is 18 or so, but the crew that are remaining are still extremely loyal to Francis after his death, and so they in turn are loyal to his son. They form a break out plan, and manage to pull it off after some months of planning, and they escape to the mountains nearby. Here they stay for quite some time, but as Winter sets in they realise they will have to move else where. So they set their sites back to the Lagoon where they had stopped to repair the Galleon, and they believe that their main rival "The Buzzard" will be there with his ship searching for the hidden treasures. So they travel there, and upon reaching there they see the Buzzards ship. They set up an eleborate trap, and manage to capture the ship back, and escape with it. From here they go to India and aid the Christians in a war, and finally Hal meets up with a foe whom has been desperate to kill him from the start of the book - Schreuder is his name. They fight on a small fishing boat, and Hal kills Shreuder, he jumps back on his galleon and they make sail for England.

This story follows the typical Heroes Journey story arc, but also it has a small Rebirth story arc wherein they escape their imprisonment.

So, onto the problem. I just can't seem to generate a solid idea to work from, time is ticking away and it's becoming too late for me to try and produce a great idea. I need to be designing this right now, and even starting to produce certain things. So why is it I havn't been able to produce a good idea? Simply, it's hard to express in words the block my brain tends to put on my thoughts some times. I fall victim to my own thoughts, doubts and feeling overwhelmed all too much. I get an overwhelming feeling that I just can't manage to show this whole book in one short animation, and all of my ideas are so huge that I just won't manage, especially because I'm allowing time to slip away like this. I know this is no excuse, and It's disgraceful that I'm still sitting here without at least a semi finished idea to work from.

So, I have to make up time fast. I will write down key plot elements for the game, and decide how the character will get between these key plots. From here I shall decide what parts to use to produce a trailer of some sort.

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